There was a time when advertising technology was a tough feat. Back in the '70s and '80s, a company had to rely to the public exactly the product did while ensuring them that they could use it and that it wouldn't become self-aware, rise up, and enslave their family. Of course, there were some commercials that bucked that trend and delivered ads which toed the line between art and commerce. These days, however, brands that know what's best try to hit that mark each and every time. That has led to a bunch of awesome commercials advertising technology. 

Yankelovich, a market research firm, in 2007 told the New York Times that the average person sees on average 5,000 ad messages a day. A good number of those are commercials. However, how many of those do you actually remember? The best commercials, tech or otherwise, leave a lasting impression. They don't have to be the funniest, or the most artful, or have the craziest graphics, they just have to stick. And that's exactly what these 50 Best Tech Commercials have achieved. 

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