7. Jessica Lange as Constance Langdon on American Horror Story

Contance is the Southern belle with the heart of ice and the matriarch of one of the most fucked up families currently on TV. She came to California to be a movie star, but what she ended up with was four malformed children and death and despair all around her. There's one the audience has yet to meet, as for the other three? Well there's Beauregard, the deformed son reminiscent of Sloth from The Goonies that she kept chained in the attic then had killed so that Child Services wouldn't take him away. There's Addy, the daughter born with Down's Syndrome that she did genuninely love (we think), but still treated cruelly. (There was a whole mirror room punishment thing that was straight out of Carrie.)

But the crown jewel of the family was her second son Tate. We don't know what their day-to-day relationship was like. We do know that she murdered his unfaithful father then told him that he ran away on the family, while moving on with poor sap Larry solely for his financial support. This all drove Tate to do drugs, go to Larry's office and burn him alive, then go to school and massacre his classmates, which led to a shootout with the cops at his house.

Both of her sons died on Murder House premises and thus are ghosts, enabling Tate to continue his reign of terror on anyone that crosses his path. When Addy died, Constance selfishly tried to bring her body to the house so that she would remain a ghost, thus dooming her to an eternity on Earth. She loves hard, this one.