11. Corinne Bohrer as Lianne Mars on Veronica Mars

In the scene pictured above, teenage heroine Veronica (Kristin Bell) is enrolling her absentee, alcoholic mother in rehab, to the cost of, oh, her entire life savings. Every penny that she's spent the year cautiously saving since her family unexpectedly dropped from comfortably middle-class to the father-daughter back against the world detective duo that scrape to get by. It's the nest egg that she had planned to use as her ticket out of town and to her dream school of Stanford, but restoring her family is more important. So Veronica bets it all.

How does Lianne repay her daughter? By secretly leaving rehab early but showing up claiming to be reformed. On the low however, she's keeping a lot of "water bottles" in the fridge and she's thirsty every five minutes. When Veronica finds out she kicks her out for good. And just when we thought Lianne couldn't sink any lower, she swipes a big P.I. paycheck to the tune of $50,000 out of Veronica's father's coat pocket on her way out. The local bartender got a real nice tip that night!