21. God, The Devil, And Bob (2000, NBC; 2011, Adult Swim)

It was utterly ridiculous and completely sacrilegious, but during that ever so brief period of time when God, The Devil, And Bob was actually on the air, we couldn’t have been happier. The show was about God contemplating killing off humanity in order to start over, but before he does that he bets the Devil that he can’t find one person who can convince him not to wipe everyone off the planet. The Devil winds up choosing Bob Alman, an underachieving auto-plant worker from Detroit.

Apparently the show was just offensive enough to draw the ire of numerous religious groups around the country, and the low ratings didn’t help its case. After only four episodes, God, The Devil, And Bob was canceled in the states, but the show continued to air overseas where people aren’t as Bible-thumping. However, Adult Swim not only re-aired the original series earlier this year, but they also showed the episodes that the States never got to see. Double win.