9. Clerks: The Animated Series (2000, ABC; 2002, Comedy Central)

Kevin Smith’s live-action movies have been hit or miss since Clerks premiered in 1994; for a brief tim, though, the raunchy filmmaker showed the world that he could still make something worthwhile in the animated realm. With a voice cast made up of actors from the original movie, plus a truly inspired Alec Baldwin as the nefarious Leonardo Leonardo, Clerks picks up where the original movie left off, but with some extra cartoony plots and characters.

Resembling the early days of Family Guy more than Clerks the movie, Smith's toon delivered the funny unlike anything else on the air at the time. It completely savaged pop culture disasters like the Star Wars prequels and Batman & Robin, while also featuring plenty of typical Smithian humor and a guest spot from Charles Barkley.