17. The Hudson Bar

Neighborhood: Hell's Kitchen
Address: 356 West 58th St.
Website: hudsonhotel.com

The Hudson Bar is the neon-soaked douche epicenter of NYC, thanks to gaudy glowing floors and a seemingly schizophrenic doorman who arbitrarily allows select weirdos entrance, setting the stage for wild card nights.

The crowd is a mixed bag of douche: there's the rich and sleazy out-of-towner kicking it to women half his age; the pretentious young dude who is deathly serious dressed in blue crushed velvet and over-sized top hat; and the middle-aged, socially-awkward guy who has clearly paid for the woman sipping a $20 glass of champagne on his arm. The hookers are flawless at the Hudson, hookers you could never afford. Which of course, makes the whole business that much douchier.