There are few things that can thwart the pleasure of a cold beer, but a high volume of douchiness is one of them.

Sometimes the douche element is easily discernible, often made evident by a Murray Hill address, a strong frat/yuppie/bridge-and-tunnel presence, or a thick air of unqualified smugness. But even knowing this, the city’s douchiest outposts have an indefinably vexing factor that you have to experience to understand. 

We've gathered the most profane of these spots to help you narrow down where you should court mayhem this weekend. Save yourself the time (and the bar brawls) and scratch these off your list. Complex presents: The 25 Douchiest Bars in NYC.

[Ed. Note—If you want to drink better in NYC, please see our list of the city's best dives. They're beautiful places.]

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