While Christmas is most commonly recognized across the globe as Jesus' big day, it turns out that his holiness isn't the only hallowed game-changer to have made his debut on the 25th of December. Though you'd expect his birthday to fall on a far creepier holiday, Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling indeed knows the perks and pains of a cumpleaños shared with the Lord.

That said, Serling's own religious following is undeniable; we're sure somewhere out there, a circle of fanboys are trimming a "Rod Serling tree" with doll heads and alien twinkle lights, and humming the show's theme song in unison,. Despite the plethora of frightening shows to pick from, it's hard to argue that a series creepier than Twilight Zone has ever graced the small screen. In fact, it's likely that an overwhelming number would never have come to be were it not for Serling's five original seasons, which kicked off in 1959 and continue to make people sleep with the light on to this day. Now that's timeless.

In celebration of Serling and his place in pop culture history, we present to you The 25 Creepiest Episodes of Twilight Zone., with a few spoilers included, so be warned.