20. A Yakuza In Love (a.k.a. Villainous Love) (1997)

Director: Rokuro Mochizuki

Sure, this flick's title sounds soft like cotton; after all, why would a yakuza who pillages pachinko parlors and blazes girls in hostess clubs want to fall in love? How about a low-ranking member of an ill-fated clan who’s about to get a sashimi knife stuck in the abdomen?

A Yakuza In Love starts off like any typical love story, but it quickly turns twisted and humorous as the romantic protagonist stumbles upon heaps of crime. And it doesn't help matters that he drugs and kidnaps the girl as a form of affection. Director Rokuro Mochizuki's film never quite falls into Bonnie & Clyde territory, nor does it fit into the realm of typical Yakuza stories that incorporate courtesans or prostitutes. Spiced up with graphic sex scenes and underlying dark comedy, A Yakuza In Love is a winner that's also layered with Mochzuki's typically great character development.