20. Dave’s Old Porn

Network: Showtime
Stars: Dave Attell

It’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 for perverts and guys who prefer bushes over Brazilians. Seriously, what’s not to love about Dave’s Old Porn? Hosted by stand-up comedian, and series creator, Dave Attell, Showtime’s funniest show is simplistically inspired: Attell and one of his comedian friends (including Chelsea Handler, Adam Carolla, Whitney Cummings, and Jim Norton) sit on a plush couch, watch clips from '70s and '80s adult skin flicks, and spit uproarious, on-the-fly commentary.

In the name of authenticity, a veteran porn star (such as Ron Jeremy or Seka) joins them to dish out firsthand wisdom and memories from the jack-off movie industry’s golden years. Clocking in at scant 26-minute clips, Dave’s Old Porn episodes leave you wishing Attell and his motley crew of talking heads would pay you a visit, eat your popcorn, and watch the entirety of E3: The Extra Testicle in your living room.

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