24. Wilfred

Network: FX
Stars: Elijah Wood, Jason Gann, Fiona Gubelmann

The award for the year’s strangest new show goes to…Wilfred. Based on an Australian series of the same name, the first season of FX’s dark comedy followed a depressed, suicidal guy (Elijah Wood) who decides to give life a better chance after befriending his sexy blonde neighbor’s dog, Wilfred, a pooch that he sees as a grown Australian dude (Jason Gann) with a dirty mouth and a dog costume.

As far as oddball TV premises go, that’s certainly at the top of the heap, yet, surprisingly, Wilfred worked in spite of its hazardously ridiculous concept. Any show that can open with an Emily Dickinson quote, show its main character joining his wacko mother in an asylum, has a man in a dog suit flirt with said unstable mom, and manages to make us laugh our asses off is something special indeed.