16. Happy Endings

Network: ABC
Stars: Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans, Jr., Casey Wilson, Eliza Coupe

Admittedly, we weren’t quick to embrace ABC’s Happy Endings when it debuted in early April. For one, the early promos that pegged the ensemble sitcom as this generation’s Friends did little to entice—does the world really need a new-school version of David Schwimmer? And then we watched the first few episodes, which couldn’t muster more than the occasional chuckle.

As word of mouth spread, however, Happy Endings entered its second season this past September with a “it really got better over time” buzz. The below-the-radar hype was justified, it turns out, considering that Happy Endings has sneakily bettered many a 2011 sitcom with its idiosyncratic sense of humor, most commonly mastered by co-stars Adam Pally, Eliza Coupe, and Damon Wayans, Jr. And, for eye candy enthusiasts, there’s also Elisa Cuthbert, looking hotter than ever (see: the Halloween episode, in which she dressed as Marilyn Monroe).