22. Motorola Atrix II

Carrier/Price: AT&T, $100

The original Atrix left us stunned for more than half the year. So when Moto announced a scion to Ma Bell's powerhouse, we had insurmountable expectations. Those words stood true as the Atrix II managed to deliver the same performance as the original, except at a huge discount. Don't be fooled into thinking both handsets are carbon copies, though, as Moto integrated cool new features into the latest version such as an in-pocket detection system and the cloud-based ZumoCast app to help differentiate the two. Other notable upgrades include a bigger and brighter 4.3-inch qHD display, stronger battery, and robust camera. And like big bro, there's a plethora of accessories (including Moto's infamous Lapdock) available to transform the Atrix 2 into a mobile computing goliath.