What We Expected: Call of Duty with tons more emotion and feeling. Sure we’ve done the whole “Fight the power as a part of the Resistance” thing before. But, the “so real it could happen” plot device had us ready to pick up our arms. What if Korea came to our shores and straight jacked our nation? This game showed us what would go down. THQ is ready to hit the big time as far as publishers go and this was the game that would take ‘em there.

What We Got Instead: Another decent FPS…in a flood of other decent FPS games. These days, the whole FPS genre has hit the point of “been there, done that.” Homefront tried to set itself apart with its story, which it ended up doing. Too bad the campaign was short as hell. Once we were done wreaking havoc on the final bridge sequence, it was time to go the multiplayer route. The all too familiar online aspects of the game juts made us tune out eventually. Crytek is gonna be handling the sequel, so there’s hope for this IP after all.