What We Expected: The ultimate squad-based FPS not named Counter-Strike. The character design had its own style and sheen, which made it immediately stand out. The addition of parkour mixed with bullet mayhem sounded soooooooo cool. Two factions battling for ownership of The Ark? Nice backstory. And the Bethesda name happened to be behind this joint, too. We couldn’t wait… 

What We Got Instead: Nothing much, really. The shooting mechanics felt good, but everything else just reeked of mediocrity. The single-player portion (if you wanna call it that) was nothing but a bunch of training exercises for the online portion. You’re A.I. squadmates weren’t exactly rocket scientists, so good luck if you try to play this thing without friends. And the ultimate sin this game committed is the exclusion of a lobby system! Inaccessible and unacceptable.  

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