X-Men: Destiny 

What We Expected: X-Men Legends for 2011, son. How awesome were those games? They gave us a bunch of X-Men and proceeded to let us whup ass, Diablo-style. We didn’t flinch when the developers said we’d only get to play with 3 original characters. Ok, cool. We’ll create our own mutant tank and smash fools. Besides, the cameos from cats like Wolvie and Toad would do the trick.

What We Got Instead: A poor excuse for a button masher. It was pretty cool getting to develop our own heroes/villains. But putting in the work for upgrades meant smashing the same lame enemies over…and over again. The story turned out to be painfully short, so you can imagine our interest was too. Welp, there’s always X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse to go back to. No bueno, Silicon Knights. 

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