Jurassic Park: The Game 

What We Expected: Epic T-Rex chases. Epic Raptor chases. *Insert Dinosaur Name Here* chases define the whole Jurassic Park experience! Telltale Games knows how to craft an excellent, engaging adventure game in their sleep. So we knew going in that these guys were going to do the movie franchise justice with this new game. We don’t get to play with the characters from the movie? WHO CARES? As long as we got to run like hell and blast a few reptiles, it didn’t matter. 

What We Got Instead: Something along the lines of Heavy Rain: Jurassic Park Edition. Repetitive quick time events and hardly any sense of action got this game erased from our hard drives real fast. Those two knocks on the game made the forgettable cast stand out like lunch meat for some ginormous reptiles. Question: has there ever been a good Jurassic Park game? *Ponders to self*

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