Dragon Age II 

What We Expected: Another epic entry into Bioware’s newest franchise. The first Dragon Age gave console gamers a worthwhile adventure with plenty of action and intrigue. The anticipation for this baby was high. RPG heads around the world couldn’t wait to hack up some baddies with Hawke. The gore factor was clearly at a high level again, as the screenshots for this game showed plenty of Kool-Aid flowing from the hectic battles.

What We Got Instead: A good Dragon Age game, yeah. A worthy successor to the first game? Well, not quite. The retooled combat system turned battles into button mashing contests and the new setting didn’t have much a grand scale. Loyal fans of the series came out in droves to complain about the game’s simplistic nature and half-hearted storytelling. We were in line protesting with ‘em on that note. Dragon Age: Origins is still the king.