17. Jet Blue

Air travel sucked, especially after 9/11. Most airlines cut flights, overcrowded planes, started charging for luggage, and generally made travelers' lives more difficult. And then there was Jet Blue, the little "budget airline" that made flying fun again. JB's many remedies included headrest TVs, pleasant flight attendants, and shrewdly flying into underserved airports (Long Beach and Burbank instead of LAX, Ft. Lauderdale instead of Miami) that made things much less aggravating. Other airlines are playing catch-up, but fuck 'em. We're sticking with the 'Blue.

The airline was originally to be called Taxi, and planes were to be painted yellow, but the idea was dropped due to negative public image of NYC taxis. WHAT DA FUCK AH YOUSE FUCKAS TAWKIN ABOUT?!