45. Sean "Diddy" Combs

Hip-hop's larger-than-life one-man hype machine started the decade by Harlem shakin' his way into one of NYC's biggest tabloid stories ever. But Puff bounced back bigger than ever, deftly working his "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" energy into every corner of the universe: soccer moms who watch Ellen, classic reality TV drama, the 2004 election (Vote or Die!), a broadway play, the New York Marathon, and an endless stream of manic Diddy Blogs. Shit, he even made some decent music along the way.

After appearing at #3 top of Forbes Magazine's "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" list in 2007, Diddy appeared with Jay-Z (#1) and 50 Cent (#2) on the "I Get Money (Forbes 1,2,3 Remix)."