89. OxyContin

Purdue Pharma introduced their brand of the opioid analgesic Oxycodone in 1996, and by 2001 it was selling $1 billion worth of the stuff a year. This brand of pain killer was helped along by aggressive marketing that included promotional beach hats, CDs, and a product that was as addictive as anything the world had seen in quite some time. For better or worse, Oxy has become the new drug of the millenium, the poster pill for fucked up college kids and midwest couch surfers.

Poor Purdue Pharma. In 2007 three of the company's execs pleaded guilty for misrepresenting the brand by claiming it had a "less euphoric effect" than it actually did, perhaps the first time a company was forced to pay $634 million felony misbranding fine for underselling its product.