4. Jon Benjamin Has A Van

Network: Comedy Central
Stars: H. Jon Benjamin

You’ve heard that old saying, “He has a face for radio,” right? Well, H. Jon Benjamin clearly has a talent perfect for voicing animated characters. As for live-action, television, Comedy Central’s shockingly lame man-on-the-street series Jon Benjamin proved that the hilarious guy behind the leads on FX’s Archer and Fox’s Bob’s Burgers is ill-equipped.

Most, if not all, of the blame should be placed upon Benjamin’s writing staff, a roster of folks whose idea of comedic gold was pitting Little Italy’s residents against midgets collectively known as Little Little Italy. Or masking an awful half-hour’s worth of jokes with Benjamin running over a gypsy woman and having her hubby place a “Curse Of The Terrible Episode” on him. Multiply that hex by 10 and you’ve got the year’s most unsatisfying TV comedy.