This particular challenge struggled to answer an age old question: Which is the superior city, NYC or L.A.? Instead of making a list of pros and cons or throwing good ol’ facts into the debate, though, Fear Factor found some people, including fire fighters, to compete against each other in a battle rivaling even the greatest duels in history.

The stakes? Two customized motorcycles. The challenge? While trapped in a meat locker, dump your head into a tub of lard to search for a wrench and then clear a ridiculous amount of ice away from a screw which then must be unscrewed to retrieve a key that will free you from the locker. If it sounds easy enough to you, let us repeat one thing: Lard. Not even a sweet ride can sweeten that disgusting deal.

Also, the outcome of this challenge isn’t revealed in this particular clip, so if you’re pressed to know who wins, go forth here. NY represent!