8. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Bioware has been tight-lipped about the beta for this upcoming MMORPG. A fluctuating release schedule and some inaccessible footage aren’t surprising for a game with this much potential and that much brand equity weighing it down.

The developers want to make sure that they get it right, understandably, and the closed, invite-only beta weekends have reportedly been a valuable tool in that effort.

Although impressions from the beta have been forbidden, there’s no shortage of PR prose to keep MMO and Star Wars fans salivating until release on December 20th. Early word sounds like a MMORPG consistent with the current tradition of the genre, set in the Star Wars Universe.

Classes for stealth, melee, casting, support. Fetch quests galore. Lackluster graphical representation. And yet there’s something irresistible about it, like a Star Wars junkie to Star Wars T.V. marathons.