10. Resistance 3

By the seaside or the train tracks, the Chimera are taking over. Resistance 3 hosted a closed multiplayer beta (access via SOCOM 4, PlayStation Plus, and Insomniac directly) that began on August 4th and worked its way swiftly up to the game’s release in early September.

It was an opportunity for the surprisingly low-profile shooter (relatively speaking) to let gamers know that this iteration in the series was gunning for a shot with the big dogs. Hint: They rhyme with Cattle Field Tree and Mall of Booty: Garden Sore Fairy.

Reviews for the final product were mixed, but reviews for the beta marked a definite improvement from the insanity of Resistance 2’s multiplayer. 60-player matches were no more, replaced by more focused, tactical 16-player battles with all the belts and camo that come with shooters today.

Perks, killsteaks, alien weaponry with homing bullets and deployable shields debuted alongside stand-by shotguns and assault rifles. Connectivity to public matches may have been rough in the beginning, but the Resistance 3 beta ended on a decidedly high note, propelling the game to greater commercial and critical success.