Thatgamecompany has topped the PSN charts with their most recent title, Flower. Given that the company topped the PSN charts with their first PSN game, flOw, it would seem that the company is batting a thousand. And with Journey receiving very positive first impressions, it's quite possible that the tradition will continue.

Studio co-founder Kellee Santiago told Business Inside that "Flower was the number one title in it's year and remained in the "Top Download" section for the next two years." She continued by talking about their studio's approach to making games and how being "incubated" by Sony allowed them an incredible working environment to make unique and different games.

“Sony wanted to use the PlayStation Network as an opportunity to bring new types of interactive experiences to their console at different price points. It really worked out well because it allowed us to start a game studio without worrying about some of the more managerial aspects. [To] know that [when] we finished our first game, we wouldn’t immediately have to start selling our next one. We didn’t have to tackle the challenges of doing a commercial title."

If you've been fortunate enough to play either flOw or Flower, then you could agree that they are truly different experiences in gaming. Thatgamecompany produces games that are brilliantly balanced with a high amount of polish and unconventional content. It's clear that Sony has taken a huge risk with them financially, and that they've proven themselves at least twice, with games that are unlike anything else, and an absolute treat to play. The company's latest game, Journey, will be arriving exclusively for the Playstation 3 in Spring 2012.