Japanese director Takashi Miike appears to have a good grasp of what makes the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games awesome, and he's not skimping on references with his upcoming film. In fact, the characters and cases shown in the new trailer appear to be taken quite literally from the games.

That doesn't mean we're complaining. We haven't seen anything that looked this shot-for-shot faithful, from the angle at which the judge is viewed to the foggy-boat-shooting scene, since The Watchmen, and we think that turned out great. It's even more impressive when you consider that this film's being adapted from Nintendo DS games, which generally aren't the most cinematic to begin with.

With a director like Miike at the helm, we can't wait for an English release, which seems likely, given the popularity of the games here. Would you rather see someone take more creative license with Phoenix Wright, or does this look great to you? Do you even care? Give us your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.