It happens to everyone. Each time you're about to take flight, a voice comes through the loudspeaker telling you to please turn off all electronics. A new study suggests that one of the most confounding rules of air travel is actually not needed at all. 

The study conducted by USA Today found that while passengers are told to turn off all their gadgets, many pilots, including ones for American and United Airlines, are increasingly using iPads as flight accessories to hold maps, as well as airplane and airport information. All of which raises the question, if pilots are allowed to keep their tablets on, why can't passengers? 

The pilots surveyed for the study said that they turn off the wi-fi and celluar data on their iPads while flying. However, many passengers surveyed admitted to leaving their phones on while in flight. While that's supposed to be bad for the plane's communications, the study looked over many documents and found that electronic devices give off a small amount of electromagnetic interference. 


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