Jermaine "Huggy" Hopkins, who you'll remember as Steel from Ernest Dickerson's Juice, might be celebrating the film's upcoming 20th anniversary from behind bars. Hopkins got caught up in a sting operation after traveling from North Carolina to purchase 200 lbs of weed from an undercover cop in Arizona. Damn.

Police say they arrested Hopkins after he took the weed, and they also found $100,000 in cash inside of his SUV and another 100 lbs of weed in his Arizona apartment. His explanation to the arresting officers: he just wanted his family to have a nice Christmas. We know times get hard, but the winter is about to get a lot colder for Hopkins and his family because he's looking at five years.

Some proceeds from the 20th anniversary special edition DVD should go toward his legal fees, or maybe the cast and crew should just squad up and put some money together to help this man out. That's unlikely though.

Where's Khalil Kain to make sense of this?

[via TMZ]

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