Above is a screen grab of Steam's registry, courtesy of DSOGaming, that all but assures us Alan Wake will be coming to PC. It's not the first game to be prematurely revealed by the registry of upcoming games—Sonic Generations was outed the same way. So we can be pretty sure that this is legit. In addition, a Finnish website reported that Alan Wake developer Remedy's Aki Jarvilehto has hinted at an upcoming release on PC as well. While this is far from official, we think you can pretty much count on it.

It's a great day for PC gamers, but what about the PS3? Alan Wake has been an Xbox exclusive until now, but it seems Sony's platform isn't about to get any love from Remedy. At least, we haven't heard anything yet.

What did you think of Alan Wake? Are you excited at the possibility of a PC port or would you rather see it on PS3 first? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.