Apparently EA's more than happy to court transparency when the numbers are in their favor (though they're less forthcoming when it comes to unwarranted and possibly illegal player bans). That's neither here nor there, however.

The company just revealed that over 2 million players took part in the most recent beta test for their upcoming Star Wars MMO. Each beta tester also played for an average of twelve hours total over Thanksgiving weekend, and nine millions hours were played cumulatively. They're claiming it's "one of the biggest beta tests in history," according to IGN, and for their sake we hope they're correct; even with Bioware behind it, The Old Republic will have to be good to win over Star Wars and World of Warcraft fans simultaneously.

SW:TOR comes out Dec. 20. Any predictions? Do you think it'll finally dethrone WoW as the ultimate MMO? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.

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