For those uninitiated in the testosterone-fueled ballet that is professional wrestling, at one time Chris Benoit was one of the industry’s biggest talents. He was a former World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE and WCW, as well as the holder of half a dozen other titles along the way. Then in 2007, Benoit inexplicably murdered both his wife and his young son before hanging himself in his Atlanta home. Now, according to Coming Soon, the events of this bizarre crime will be relived in SRG Films' upcoming biopic, Crossface.

Adapted from Matthew Randazzo’s book Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit and the Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry, the movie will be written by former Weinstein Company staffer, Sarah Coulter, and will potentially go before cameras in the Fall of 2012. Right now, SRG Films is in talks with actors and directors in order to bring the movie to life.

In a press release detailing the film, Coulture said, “"People immediately point to steroids, never thinking about the brain trauma these wrestlers can, and do, incur in their profession, nor do they consider the rigorous schedule that keeps them working even when they shouldn’t t be. The Benoit story is one that needs to be brought into the light.”

Who do you want to see take on the role of the Spandex-clad child killer, Chris Benoit?

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