Tim Schafer

Worked On: Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Full Throttle

Reason for Bitching: Activision screwed his publishing deal

Bitchiest Line: He doesn’t have to be as much of a dick about it, does he?

Bobby Kotick isn’t a favorite amongst gamers or game developers, but as Tim Schafer saw his publishing deal with Activision fall by the wayside as they merged with Blizzard Entertainment we finally heard exactly what was on his mind.

Chastising the CEO for being too profit-minded, Schafer postulated that Kotick was sucking the lifeblood from the games industry by focusing too much on making games with higher and higher profit margins while not caring about art. He’s not the first to say such things about dearest Bobby, but he was the first to suggest he get out of the business and head into making bars of soap instead.