Greg Costikyan (Designer X)

Worked On: Nightfall: Bloodlines

Reason for Bitching: Wallet-gouging business practices from platform manufacturers and publishers

Bitchiest Line: How often do they perform human sacrifices at Nintendo? 

When Nintendo revitalized the video game industry with the NES and a rigid set of standards for quality, they also began demanding royalty fees for manufacturing games on their platform, not just selling them.

Greg Costikyan, who has lived and worked as a thoroughly independent game designer, took issue with this and took the stage at GDC and tore the model to pieces. His rant extended beyond Nintendo’s money-grubbing and took to hating publishers in general.

It’s hard to argue with someone who’s saying the little guy on the team – the designers and developers who do all the real work – should be seeing more of the money the industry rakes in, but it can be hard to take you seriously when you suggest Satoru Iwata cut out a gamer’s heart and thrust it in his own chest.