Virginia Tech University has confirmed, via its web site, reports of shots fired on campus. The gunman has been described as a white male, dressed in a maroon hoodie and grey sweatpants. Amidst the rush to gather more information, students and faculty have been warned to remain where they are.

WDBJ7 has reported that one person, a police officer, has been shot and the suspect is still believed to be armed. Seung Hui Cho was responsible for the single deadliest shooting by one man in U.S. history when he killed 32 people on Virgina Tech's campus back in 2007.

UPDATE 3:15 pm: Two people, including the police officer, have been confirmed dead. The officer was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop. Witnesses say that the gunman fled on foot to a parking lot, where a second person was later found dead.

The shooter is still at large, so Virginia Tech's campus has been locked down and all Montgomery County schools have been closed as well. Friday exams have been cancelled, and the rest area in Radford off of Interstate 81 has been shut down indefinitely.

UPDATE 11:40 pm: The second body is believed to be the gunman. A law enforcement official, who chose to remain anonymous, told The Associated Press that the gunman was dead but wouldn't explain the circumstances of his death.

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