Racism is alive and well in 2011, so the Garden State isn't exempt from ass-backwards ignorance. A Rutgers UniversityPh.D student invited other white students in her "Race, Ethnicity and Inequality in Education" class to a "whites only" viewing of Disney's Song of the South, in which Uncle Remus (seen above) helps to illustrate the ideal master and slave relationship.

The student welcomed her "fellow non-racist racists" to come with "strawhats and other Darkeyisms," before volunteering to buy a "watermillyum" if enough people agreed to show up. However, she reminded the selected bunch to be wary of who they brought with them, as she might blurt "racist things at the TV."

Of course students were pissed off when they got the email, but what's truly alarming is that nobody called her out on it. Even worse, the English department remained quiet as well, electing not to formally address the email. Now that this story has gotten out, they have to respond with some damage control, but everyone needs to realize that not speaking up against racism is basically condoning it.

Get the entire fuck outta here with that.

UPDATE: If you take a look below, it appears as if the English department did respond. Why didn't Jezebel mention that? Regardless, this whole situation is terrible, and further proof that we don't live in a post-racial society.

[via Jezebel]

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