Rockstar Games is holding a contest where, starting today, you can enter for a chance to have your likeness used as a multiplayer character in Max Payne 3, due out in March 2012. And the rules for entering could not be easier.

Just use the #MaxPayne3 hashtag on Twitter. That's it. Every week from today until January 13, Rockstar will be picking 10 people at random who have used the hashtag and, BAM! they're going into the game.

Two finalists will be chosen from each weeks 10 winners, and there are 8 spots in all that will be filled. Winners will be notified with a tweet or direct message, so they can submit a photo for consideration. The characters to be faced[?] are gang characters in Max Payne 3's multiplayer.

So that's it, start tweeting about your #MaxPayne3 lunchbox, #MaxPayne3 breakfast cereal, and your #MaxPayne3 flame thrower!!

Good luck to all!