BlackBerry's parent company, Research in Motion (RIM), is not in a good place. The company's market value has dropped 77% in the past year. Its recent third-quarter financial results were abysmal and its stock price is at the lowest point the company has seen in many years. Investors, board members, and customers are calling for the troubled telecommunications company to make some drastic changes. This week the Wall Street Journal and Reuters believe that change may end up being a sale of the company. 

Reuters reported that Amazon expressed serious interest in acquiring the Canadian company. This past summer it hired an investment bank to look into a potential merger. RIM, however, turned down the idea of a merger or acquisition, choosing instead to focus on developing new products and services. Less than a week later, the Wall Street Journal reported that Nokia and Microsoft, were discussing the "idea of making a joint bid for Research In Motion," but that the status of the talks remian "unclear". 

It looks as if RIM would prefer to stick it out and turn the company around with a series of new products. The release of it's new line of phones has been pushed back to 2012 after a series of set backs including a lawsuit from a company in Nevada that owned the rights to the BBX name RIM hoped to use for its new mobile operating system. 

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