From NeoGAF (via Eurogamer) comes the news that the upcoming PS Vita, which is set to launch on Dec. 17 in Japan and Feb. 22 in the US, will be rather strictly linked to only a single PlayStation Network (PSN) username at a time. That means that you'll have to share trophies, friends and save files with your little brother, girlfriend or whoever.

There is one workaround, apparently, but it involves formatting the system back to its factory settings—meaning you can link it to your account when you buy someone else's system used. Obviously, though, that's not a practical way to share the handheld with your friends or family.

Maybe that's the point, or maybe Sony's taking every precaution to limit piracy and custom firmware on the Vita. The PSP's been "plagued" (we prefer "made better") by homebrewed software from the beginning, and Sony's duly concerned about it this time around. That's reportedly part of the reason they've once again chosen proprietary memory units over standard SD cards. But what it spells for gamers—legitimate and those perceived as illegitimate alike—is more headaches.

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