Zipper Interactive, the developer behind the Socom series, has been kind enough to hop on camera and show off their new PS Vita launch title, the shooter Unit 13. Playing in the video above is none other than the game's director, Seth Luisi.

Luisi shows off a level set in a village, and the "core shooter mechanics" they're focusing on look like they might work pretty well, especially given the Vita's dual analog sticks—a first for a handheld system. They'll also use the Vita's touch screen for menus and in-game functions like switching weapons. The gameplay looks like what you'd expect from a modern shooter, though given the terrible way the genre's been done on handhelds in the past, that's certainly not an insult. Hell, Unit 13 will even have online co-op.

Luisi also explains some social features, daily challenges, unlocks, menus and more. We think this looks amazing, and if this is what Vita launch titles are going to be like, the future of the system could really be incredible. Do you agree, or are you sticking with your iPad and 3DS? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.