While previous Ninja games have been all about the story mode, Ninja Gaiden 3 is adding two competitive multiplayer modes: Battle Royale (i.e., Deathmatch) and Team Battle (i.e. Team Deathmatch).

In these eight-player modes, you’ll not only hack & slash your pals online, but you’ll be able to run up walls, sneak up behind unsuspecting enemies, and do other cool ninja moves. You’ll also have access to Ryu’s magical Ninpo attacks, as well as special kills that require some button mashing to complete (though your victim can counter them by mashing their buttons faster).

These modes will also employ a leveling-up system, which will unlock new headgear, armor, and clothing colors you can use to customize your character, though these are just aesthetic options. Other weapons will also be unlocked, adding to the katana and flaming arrow-shooting bow you start off with, though it was not announced, or revealed in the multiple Team Battle matches we played in the aptly-named “Hidden Village” level, whether these would also be unlocked as you rank up or through some other means. 

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