It's been rumored that the Playstation Vita would only support one PSN account at a time, and at a recent event in Osaka, the status on this was clarified.

According to Sony, you can only have one PSN account active on the system and that, "If you want to use a different account, you need to format the system to factory settings."

It's worth noting that Sony did not have an issue with this on the PSP.

Brad Douglas, Sony Japan's Third-Party Relations tweeted that, "the only difference [between Vita and the PSP] is that Vita requires you to do a factory reset when logging into a new account."

So, while many of you may not be affected by this news, there are a considerable ammount of us who keep different regions of PSN accounts to download digital content that doesn't make it everywhere. For us, this news is a bit of a speed bump in those continued pursuits.

The Vita is out at the end of February, and while this news is a little bothersome, it likely won't sway those of us who are already waiting patiently for it. 

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