Starting today and lasting until January 12, the PlayStation Store's holiday sale features over 100 discounted downloadable games for PS3, PSN, PSOne and PSP games. Head over to the PlayStation blog for more info (though the full list eludes us—where is it?), but some notable games are Rayman Origins (save 33%), Midnight Club LA Complete (Save 28%), The Baconing (Save 54%), Zombie Apocalypse – Never Die Alone (Save 50%), Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (Save 47%), L.A. Noire Complete Edition (Save 10%), and Blazeblue Calamity Trigger Portable (save 57%).

You can also buy a "Minis Pick and Mix" package for a few dollars that lets you choose five of about 50 PSP Minis selections.

Is it just us, or are the actual deals incredibly hard to find? Signing into the PS Store on a PS3 yields no results, and the PS Store website bears nothing but a rotating banner image for video content that eventually leads to a download for "Sony Media Go," whatever that is.

Is Sony doing a good enough job of advertising their holiday specials? If so, can you point us toward them? We'd appreciate it. They could probably take a lesson from Microsoft or Valve in this area. Let us know what you think in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.