Marvel Studios was delivered a pretty big blow today when it was announced that Patty Jenkins would be quitting as director of Thor 2. According to Deadline, the split occurred due to "creative differences" and now the studio will have to scramble to find a replacement in order to meet the film's November 15, 2013 release date.

Jenkins' exit is just another in a long line of disgruntled talent bailing on Marvel's cinematic exploits. There is no doubt that ever since Iron Man blew audiences away in 2008, these movies have been getting cheaper, the scripts have gotten lousier, and the talent is beginning to express their frustration. Over the years, Marvel has rubbed both Mickey Rourke and Edward Norton the wrong way, while parting ways with directors Jon Favreau and Kenneth Branagh

You have to wonder if this is a trend that will continue, and if Marvel will be able to find A-list talent that goes along with their cost-cutting measures and stale company vision. After all of this behind-the-scenes controversy and the declining quality of Marvel's recent movies, we have to admit that we're beginning to grow a little concerned about next summer's Avengers movie.

[via Deadline]

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