Early Sunday morning, Occupy D.C. protesters spent hours-and about $1,400-constructing a barn in McPherson Square. After a 9 hour battle with police, 31 demonstrators were arrested for refusing to leave the structure, which authorities claimed was not temporary and therefore not allowed. Yesterday, the whole ordeal got spoofed, via Lego.

Some protesters sought refuge atop the barn, put police eventually brought in a cherry picker to remove the climbers. A huge, inflatable mattress which was nicknamed the "First Amendment moon bounce" (last photo) was also placed next to the building for anyone that wanted to jump off.

The arrests marked a change in the Occupy D.C. movement, which had gone without conflict unlike many of its national counterparts. Sunday's wood shop project and showdown may alter the views of police and the District on the encampment, but all parties should take a second to laugh at the Lego parody.

[via DCist and Slate]

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