It looks like Nintendo is taking the kid gloves off when it comes to apps and entertainment. According to The Daily, the Wii U will feature a fully-loaded app store, as opposed to the current app stores on Wii's Virtual Console or the 3DS' E-Shop. Non-gaming apps on these platforms have mostly been limited to basic utilities like weather-reporting and calculator programs.

The Wii-U, on the other hand, will have entertainment capabilities more in line with what gamers have come to expect from Xbox Live and Playstation Network. Some apps, such as MLB.TV, are meant to be watched on TV, while others will utilize the Wii U's special tablet controller.

There is currently no word as to what types of apps will make use of the tablet, but it would be fair to guess that social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter would make a lot more sense with a digital keyboard.

Nintendo did not specify whether the Wii U app store would use a points-based system similar to what they've used in the past or if they'll be switching to a dollar-based system.

[Via The Daily]