Word has come down from CNET that Microsoft's replaced longtime Xbox Design Lead Don Coyner with Emma Williams, a member of the team responsible for the recent Xbox 360 dashboard update's changes. She'll be responsible for design and branding on the next Xbox console, which has yet to be officially announced, though reports are coming in from all sides that we should expect to hear something soon (E3 2012 anyone?).

What's that mean for the new console? Well, the Windows Phone 7-style "Metro" tiles interface design is likely here to stay, at least the foreeseeable future, despite many users' gripes with the accessibility of their content. Indie designers in particular have been uphappy, but no one listens to them anyway.

are you expecting a big announcement from Microsoft at E3 next year, or are you content with your Kinect and current-gen consoles? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.