If you've flipped on the Xbox recently and updated, you're probably noticing the changes to the dashboard. While most of these don't really enforce a learning curve of more than a few minutes, there's one glaring problem that developers and gamers alike are taking issue with.

If you're one of a growing faction of folks who check out the Indie Games, you'll notice that all the games have been put into a SINGLE LIST, totalling over 2,000 items.

Two. Thousand. Games. On one list. It's perplexing, and if I were a developer, I'd be demanding an explanation, which Microsoft has yet to give. 

Certainly, we can argue that developers are, to a degree, at the mercy of how Microsoft chooses to arrange their content, and that games like Bastion wouldn't have found so large an audience. However, that was also when the Dashboard brought clear attention to those types of more fleshed-out games, and it's an opportunity that XBLA games released right now won't see, at least not currently.

Right now, Microsoft needs to re-think this layout, or issue some statement implying that the new Dashboard isn't "quite" finished yet. C'mon guys, really?

Check out this video, highlighting the issues [skip to about 3:30]