With concert ticket prices seemingly perpetually on the rise, at some point it just might be cheaper to have artists play your backyard for beer money. New startup social network Slowbizz certainly thinks that, connecting musicians directly to fans in order to foster bookings for more intimate gigs.

Users on the site can register as either artists or hosts. The latter group, when setting up a gig, is expected to pay artists at the very least 150 euros each, with the option of selling tickets through Eventbrite. In turn, Slowbizz takes a commission of 30 euros for single show dates or a setup fee for a tour of 20 or more dates.

“The first global house concerts network,” as Slowbizz calls itself, is still very much a work in progress—its artist roster so far lists mostly no-name folk acts that you’d rather pay to never come near your house. But who knows, maybe in a year or two, you can ball out for your birthday and have Kanye and Zomby show up.

[via Gizmodo]