Warner Brothers and Monolith Productions have released a new animated short for their upcoming Gotham City Impostors. The short gives us a tighter glimpse of the warzone that Gotham's back-alleys and neighborhoods have been turned into, thanks to the Batz and the Jokerz. Visiting the site will provide you with a wealth of developer videos that showcase the off-beat humor and unique weaponry in the game. From a story standpoint, Impostors sees Gotham's ultimate fans of Batman and The Joker throwing down in the streets. There's also a new developer video that showcases some of the great weaponry.

There is a clear separation between Impostors and the world of Batman that we've come to know, and that's just where this game is finding it's identity. There is something a little sinister about these psychotic fans actually taking to the streets and killing each other, but there's a cartoonish charm to let you know it's not to be taken too seriously. 

The emphasis is on fun, and it looks like there's tons to be had here.  We have two words for you: Bear Traps.